Serra (1)

In Cuba, Pope Francis on Sunday told a group of nuns, priests, bishops and seminarians to protect their “smallest” and most vulnerable members, including unborn children.

“Protect the most vulnerable” was what Pope Francis said but later on today he will “Saint” Junipero Serra who enslaved, tortured and demeaned  the most Vulnerable.




It took the gut wrenching images of little Aylan Kurdi lying face down at the edge of the water on a Turkish beach to draw the attention of the world to the plight of the refugee in Europe’s biggest migrant crises since the Second World War. This photo truly captures the state of humanity at this time. I weep and hang my head in shame.


HAITI: Restitution of Independence Debt and Reparations for Slavery


Yesterday 14th of July (Le Quatorze juillet) marked the 226th anniversary of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille. Each year on 14th July l marvel at the hypocrisy of France’s1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man in relation to it sins against Haiti. Which proclaimed: “All Men are born free and remain free and equal in rights.”


New NIS Recruitment: Blatant Disregard For Nigerian Lives

The Federal Government has concluded arrangements to conduct fresh recruitment for new personnel into the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), almost a year after the previously botched exercise led to the loss of lives of 21 job seekers including a pregnant woman, with many others injured.


Human Safaris: The Andaman Shocker


On a cluster of Islands deep in the Bay of Bengal there is a group of people who have hidden away from the modern world, for centuries they fought off anyone who tried to intrude. The Jarawa are a small society of hunter-gatherers who live on the isolated Andaman and Nicobar islands in the Bay of Bengal. Their present population is estimated at between 250-350 people.


COLUMBUS DAY? TRUE LEGACY: Honoring a Genocidal Maniac.


The Second Monday of every October is Columbus Day in the United States. People are revisiting the meaning of Columbus Day, saying Christopher Columbus couldn’t have discovered America since it was already inhabited when he arrived. They want to either add or replace the holiday with Native Americans Day or Indigenous Peoples Day. Three US states, Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon, already have policies of non-observance. In 1990, South Dakota re-branded the holiday as “Native American Day”. (more…)


father trevor Father Trevor Huddleston was an author, one of the first recipients of the Isitwalandwe/Seaparankoe Award, Chair of the Trustees of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa, President of the Anti-Apartheid Movement and founding Patron of Action for Southern Africa. Father Trevor Huddleston was born on 15 June 1913 in Chaucer Road, Bedford, England to Ernest Huddleston and his wife. Soon after, the family moved to Golders Green, a suburb in North London. (more…)

War: The Most Profitable Business in the World!


In January 1961,former two term US President and commander of the supreme allied forces in WW2 David  Dwight  Eisenhower used his farewell address to warn the united States of what he viewed as one of its greatest threats: the military-industrial complex composed of military contractors and lobbyists perpetuating war. (more…)



Its supporters describe nuclear energy as a safe, clean and green form of energy. However, generating nuclear energy requires fuel that is acquired through the destructive and deadly activity of uranium mining. Uranium mining can have catastrophic effects on nearby communities and the environment for thousands of years to come. There are few places where these harmful effects are felt more distinctly than Niger Republic. (more…)